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  • Anime and Manga – Find the Best New Animation Online || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] Japanese animation has quickly become an international craze and continues to grow with each passing year. It’s from the sensational anime market’s ever-growing world impact that term “Otaku” was derived and incorporated; the coined loanword that fans choose to identify themselves by. Once thought to be a uniquely Japanese form of animation, anime has […]

  • Rising Anime Popularity in The Western World || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] The word Anime is an abbreviation of animation. In English, the dictionary defines it as a style developed in Japan. Since, anime describes all types of animation; Japanimation is applied to differentiate the Japanese work from the rest of the world. In the past few years, anime was recognized as manga in European countries. […]

  • Anime Comics Has Increased in Popularity in America || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] Gen-X’ers and older Gen-Y’s grew up in the 1980s, when comic book series cartoons like “The X-Men,” “Justice League,” “Captain America,” “Teen Titans,” “Spider-Man,” “Batman,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “The Transformers.” As these kids aged, they became adults in their 20s and 30s, creating comic book movie blockbusters to keep the legacy going. […]

  • A Brief Introduction to Anime || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] Anime is the term that identifies cartoons of Japanese origin. Anime is an important and extensive source of entertainment in Japan, being a commercial entertainment product, cultural phenomenon, an art form, and at the same time a technological showcase. Anime is potentially aimed at all audiences, from children, adolescents, and adults. Anime segregate its […]