Peter Mayhew’s birthday is today. Happy birthday!

I have personally liked Peter Mayhew since first seeing him in Sinbad (1974) as the minotaur. Scary even then and a wonderful man originally cast for his physical height and size but later recast during Star Wars for his acting portrayal of Chewbacca,  Han Solo’s partner and fellow smuggler.


Chewbacca as a character has much more to dynamically offer than the films portray however Peter Mayhew delivers extraordinarily when being the character. He also portraying Chewbacca in Episode 7 releasing in  2015. He is a great friend to the costars like Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. We wish a wonderful birthday to Mr. Mayhew.


May you live long and be filled with the same Star Wars joy you have had since the beginning. Thank you sir.

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