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Playing is linked to social, emotional, cognitive and motor development. Letting children enjoy even a few hours of play each day helps them develop in those areas. Recent studies show that children playing on the outdoors are able to boost their brainpower better. Physical activities such as running, jumping or dancing involved in playing help promote children’s physical fitness too. There are also types of playing that may help in other areas of development. Fantasy or pretend play, like dressing up or role-playing games expands the mind and imagination.

Most children are naturally active which is why they are able to often combine their natural tendency of being physical with playing. Playgrounds play a big role of providing children a means for a child to be more active, to learn more by exploring his environment, to interact and socialize with his friends and play in his own unique style.

But nowadays, technology has been playing a huge part on the development of children. The number of children playing outdoors is reduced due to the introduction of gadgets and games like Xbox, Wii, PlayStation and the likes. With an intense rise of this type of technology today along with television and internet, parents are getting concerned with their children not being physically active anymore. With children playing less physically, their ability to develop is significantly decreased.

Despite the many advantages of active playing, many parents are also afraid that their children might get hurt or something bad might happen that is why they try to prevent them from engaging in active activities. But it has to be remembered that not letting children enjoy playing will hinder them from developing critical thinking, problem-solving and imagination. These skills are only achieved through free and spontaneous play and getting hurt is a part of playing and may also help children learn accepting mistakes, failures or weakness.


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