This Anime is Pokemon Naruto and Dragon Ball Z in One

Pokemon Anime with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z All in One

 Pokemon Anime with a touch of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z

This Pokemon anime I found is an independent one and very creative… weird, but creative. Not really too sure what i just watched, but it is a mashup of Pokemon, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z style fighting.

Blaine basically looks like a sidistic POS and starts of the battle with Nine Tails vs Ash’s Pikachu who just drops out of know where in a ball of lightning similar to a descending Saiyan pod.

The fight begins and the real Pokemon battle goes down hard. Check it out!

Pikachu is crazy looking and so is Nine Tails. However, I was pretty stoked the whole time.

Daily Episodes starting at 7:30 AM EST and uploading throughout the day! Thanks for Watching!

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