Pokemon Go Game Details and History

Pokemon Go Game Details and History:

As Niantic receives new funding in the form of a dual payment to make Pokemon Go game happen in 2016, Sci Fi Junkies is here to cover it all. As the game approaches we hope to become one of the stops online for everything you need for Pokemon Go. The history of the game is quite interesting for you gaming buffs out there!

Pokemon Company and Game Freak have had a wonderful run with the Pokemon series since the mid 1990’s and have not missed a beat when it comes to satisfying audiences, (we’ll excuse some silly titles likeĀ Hey You Pikachu!), which was terrible but i digress.

Anyway, the Pokemon Go community on Instagram known as Pokemon Go Insider has been tracking everything with the new game. With there information from sources on the inside at Niantic and Nintendo, along with the usage of server team members for Ingress at Google, they intend to post images and Go Pro footage of everything on Pokemon Go.


Now, a little Pokemon Go Game History:

Pokemon Company and Game Freak wanted to transition the Pokemon series of games into a whole new type of gaming culture. Although, in my opinion, the Pokemon GameBoy games had not begun to “level off” in mass appeal worldwide, the redundancy of the games was getting a little overbearing. I know. I know. I call myself a huge Pokemon fan and just bashed the games slightly… don’t get me wrong, I have smashed opponents on everything from red version to current and love each of the thousands of hours I have invested into such a wonderful game franchise, but it still was in need of major change. This is what Nintendo wanted to approach and with the help of Niantic, Inc., a former Google company, the GPS based application game known as Pokemon Go will come to our reality.

As Pokemon Go expands and information is released we intend to crack those eggs of knowledge on you the second we get it! Sci Fi Junkies has been in this thing since the beginning and we want you to join our online discussion and Pro Player Community for Pokemon Go!


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