Pokemon Go Plus Trainer Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go is on the way and with Niantic, Inc. receiving a hefty sum in the form of a roughly $30 million investment, Pokemon Go releasing in February 2016 seems like a more true rumor.

We all want to Train hard and be prepared for the awesome task of catching and battling Pokemon in real life! So here’s the rundown on everything tech wise for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus is a portable device harnessing all the data connecting to your Pokemon Go app on whichever mobile device you choose to play with. It will work as the physical action point for the game.

Similar to the use of the Nintendo Wii nunchuk, the Pokemon Go Plus will transfer the physical motion of throwing Poke Balls, GPS tracking and every other action found in the Gameboy series of Pokemon games.
With the assumption that a built in battery and wireless connectivity, there’s a few thoughts on these aspects.


Firstly, the Pokemon Go Plus is slated to have quite a battery strength. This is achieved through the absence of a display, a definitive energy sticker to say the least, and flash memory. This should be able to maintain a solid day’s full of battery capacity. With the Bluetooth connection however, the Pokemon Go Plus may have its downsides. Of course with the absence of wires and the reasonably solid connection ability of Bluetooth, we shouldn’t have much to complain about in that department.

The other aspect of Pokemon Go Plus that’s interesting is the relationship to its counterpart, the Pokemon Go app on iPhone and Android. The application will be your UI or ‘user interface’. This is a smart use of not only the popularity of app based games but also the aforementioned benefit of battery life. The next part is down to you and what mobile device you intend to use.

Pokemon Go App (Mobile Game)

Without getting into a huge thing on what phones are better and what tablet makes you look cooler at Starbucks,  the game will have general requirements to say the least.

Unlike PC games, Pokemon Go will function partially as a handheld and partially as a mobile app. As the trailer indicated,  Pokemon Go trainers will us there device’s camera via the app, and capture generated Pokemon throughout the world around them. Although first generation were mainly shown in the trailer, the game is stated to have the wide range of Pokemon like the series has come to have.

Check out our predictions page for Pokemon Go for info on that here.

Moving on… Pokemon Go Plus will be a game changer (pun intended) if it rolls out well. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

By K.M. Franck
Writer,  Reviewer, Junkie


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