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As the game approaches we wanted to give you guys something other sites haven’t been able too yet, the inside scoop on what to expect with Pokemon Go including the tech rundown, app based game details, and what Pokemon you can plan to see upon the games release.

As many other sites have done, there is of course some background to Pokemon Go out there and the details (although basic) on Pokemon Go Plus, the attached wrist device for Pokemon Go. Very little was revealed in Niantic and Nintendo’s first press release and as seen in the short trailer for the game, there is quite a bit to look forward too.

Pokemon Go Plus

First a little background. Some years back the Pokemon Company and Game Freak wanted to transition the Pokemon series of games into a whole new type of gaming culture. Although, in my opinion, the Pokemon GameBoy games had not begun to “level off” in mass appeal worldwide, the redundancy of the games was getting a little overbearing. I know. I know. I call myself a huge Pokemon fan and just bashed the games slightly… don’t get me wrong, I have smashed opponents on everything from red version to current and love each of the thousands of hours I have invested into such a wonderful game franchise, but it still was in need of major change. This is what Nintendo wanted to approach and with the help of Niantic, Inc. a former Google company, the GPS based application game known as Pokemon Go will come to our reality.

I think its funny looking at all those years the team and I have covered the topic of what life would be like if Pokemon were “real”, and it can go without saying the amount of kids out there who have thought the same. Now with Niantic (makers of Ingress) and Nintendo, trainers around the world will be able to get down on a “real”version of the games we have all come to love!


Pokemon Go has many features we would like to cover but in an effort to not talk your face off with information, we have split things up into these categories, enjoy!:

Pokemon Go Background and Information: The History of the Game and its Development

Pokemon Go Beta Download for Android and iOS

Safety and Parenting Guide: Everything Safety Wise with Pokemon Go

Starting Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Choose your Starter for Pokemon Go, Discuss with other trainers

Trainer Options in Pokemon Go: Player, Avatar and Character Options

Pokemon Go Plus Technology: All the Tech Stuff Your Heart Desires!

Thanks for tuning into Sci Fi Junkies and stick in touch with us for more information on Pokemon Go as the game rolls out! KM Franck… Signing off!


by K.M. Franck
Writer, Interviewer, Admin
October, 2015