Pokemon Go Beta Download

Pokemon Go is approaching fast! With the year coming to a close, 2016 and one of the biggest game releases of all time (Pokemon Go Beta Download) is almost here!


Pokemon Go was announced back at the end of September and since then has sparked the interest of many Pokemon enthusiasts around the world. Players and trainers of all ages are returning to their love of the 1998 series in full force. As the game approaches there are a lot of websites, blogs and YouTube channels lying about the Pokemon Go Beta Download and how to be a beta tester for the game.


If you follow a link to a website, YouTube Channel or blog stating it already has or is getting access to the Pokemon Go Beta Download, they are not representing the information correctly. Niantic, Inc. and the Pokemon Company have not released any further information about the Pokemon Go Beta Download yet and have already stated that it will most likely be a “closed” Pokemon Go Beta Download given strictly to existing beta testers and current/ former Ingress players.

pokemon go starters

This doesn’t mean you trainers out there can’t be apart of the Pokemon Go Beta Download!

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