Pokemon New Season Recap

Pokemon New Season Recap
Hey guys!In this article I’m going to finish the remaining questions from our Q&A session. Since we thought this one went rather well – lots of good questions with room for answers that should be helpful to everyone – we’ll be looking for an opportunity to do this again as soon as the time is right.

Of course doing it right after this one would be futile and we’re going to have lots of things to cover with the upcoming World Championships and, not too long after that, the start of the new season. But you’ll know when we are going to be doing another one. In the meantime, definitely send in any questions and requests you might have and we’ll pay attention to those when we’re deciding what to write about.

So, without any further ado, the next question!



Q: How do you think Seismitoad will affected by the new format?



Pokemon New Season Recap



Seismitoad seems to be following Darkrai’s footsteps, proving itself worthy of tournament play every time it’s declared dead by the player base. It survived losing Lysandre’s Trump Card, so can it survive rotation?

I don’t think so. It loses almost all of its offensive output with Hypnotoxic Laser rotating. Throughout games, Hypnotoxic Laser tends to do far more damage than Quaking Punch. Without the toxic guns, Seismitoad has the same issues Exeggutor has; you are using a weak attacker, so if your opponent manages to power up a stronger one, you’re going to get overrun eventually despite the lock.

Not helping matters is that it’s weak to Grass, which is looking to be well represented in the new set. While I have my reservations about Mega Sceptile, I’m sure that Vespiquen is going to see play and that deck devastates Seismitoad with one…limb behind its back.

Between the Grass weakness and Vespiquen’s inherent 20 base damage, it only needs to discard 7 Pokémon total to start winning the game. From that point onwards, Seismitoad is an EX 2HKOing a non-EX while that non-EX is OHKOing it. You can see how that spirals out of control very quickly.

Garbodor also leaves the format, so decks can freely use Abilities against Seismitoad. Also, two of its best free retreating options, the free retreating Zubat and Float Stone, are also leaving. So if you’re partnering Seismitoad with anything (such as the remaining Bats), you’re going to have a harder time getting a quick Quaking Punch.

Professor Oak

I can see Seismitoad putting in some work as an initial attacker, slowing down opponents while building up something on the bench that does proper damage. Perhaps it’s the solution to the Vileplume problem, where it sets up the Item lock initially while you try to get your Vileplume line out, giving your opponent less time to burn their Items. Or maybe you just need something to provide chip damage and act as a wall while you set up a better attacker. But as a deck focus, I think he’s done for at the moment.

In Expanded, Seismitoad has all these tools back, so given the right metagame (read: no Grass everywhere) it might be able to thrive. A tried and true deck tends to work well in an unknown metagame. The way it looks right now, Expanded is just about anyone’s game, so why not the Toad’s?

Pokemon New Season Recap


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