Pokemon Z Ring Features for Pokemon Sun and Moon

So you made it to level 99 in Pokemon Go, you’ve completed each GameBoy game – Twice, and you’re thinking to yourself, “There can’t be more, I am the best Pokemon player alive!” Wrong… you haven’t read about the Pokemon Z Ring yet.

pokemon z ring

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are looking to expand on the already huge additions to their franchise by including a new, wearable attachment called the Pokemon Z Ring, which will combine with your 3DS to unlock more Pokemon Sun and Moon Features.

Pokemon Go has the attraction of the Pokemon Go Plus, another wearable device that players seem to be heavily awaiting.
Let’s move past the fact that Pokemon Go has fallen out of appeal with a lot of you for various reasons like server issues and updates, read our other article on that here: The Downfall of Pokemon Go.

Moving on…

Sun and Moon already has a bunch of fun features, but the Pokemon Z Ring will undoubtedly add to the enjoyment of the series by giving players new things to do. What are these new things? Well, let me break it down. The Pokemon Z Ring will work with a matching mechanic in the Sun and Moon series to unlock powerful and animated moves to utterly crush your opponents. Nintendo and GameFreak have always done a great job in adding new features as each Pokemon addition comes out.


Hey… that’s how we ended up with planting trees and Pokemon eggs, simply adding more and more creatures just simply wouldn’t suffice.

Pokémon Z-Rings are all about enabling Z-Moves. Z-Moves are devastating attacks for each Pokémon in your line-up. To enable these attacks, Trainers need Z-Crystals for that particularly type of Pokémon. For example, there are Electric, Water and Fire Z-Crystals for players to collect. Nintendo says that Z-Moves can only be used once in a battle, but that they deal tremendous amounts of damage.

The Z-Ring has one active Crystal, while being able to store other elemental Crystals. The real-life Pokémon Z-Ring flashes and glows as Z-Moves are used.
In that way, the bracelet helps breakdown the wall between what’s happening in the game and what Trainers are experiencing like with Pokemon GO. The version of the Z-Ring that gamers can buy in store also has slots for inactive Z-Crystals and slots for active Z-Crystals.

Tomy International produces the Pokemon Z Ring, as with many other Pokemon Company and Gamefreak products. The Pokemon Z Ring will be available for preorder or sites such as Amazon and physical locations like GameStop.

Oddly, the Pokemon Z Ring will function without being paired to a copy of Pokemon Sun and moon. It will have a roleplay function even if it is just being worn.
The device comes with 3 Z-Crystals, plus space for more. Tomy is also giving users that purchase the Pokémon Z-Ring a 2-inch tall Pikachu to add to their collection of mementos. The accessory users AAA batteries and includes a set to get players started.

Of course, Pokémon Sun and Moon will have many different types of Pokémon to choose from when it arrives in November, not just three. Check out our YouTube video for more on that.
To get more than the 3 Crystals that the Z-Ring comes with, players will need to go out and purchase packs of 3 Z-Crystals for $6.99. Each of the Crystals in these packs are randomly placed there. The Pokémon Z-Ring itself costs $32.99. For comparison, Sun and Pokémon Moon pre-orders cost $39.99.

As we have seen with past products like the Pokemon Go Plus, which held pre orders as well. Wearable items and accessories seem to sell out quickly for the Pokemon series and should be the same when it comes to Sun and Moon Pokemon Z Ring.

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