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Just like the design and remote controller, power consumption is Also one of the key points That are under Thorough discussion These Days. With “Go Green” being the buzzword today, critics Expect That Sony might decides to join the Go Green revolution and market a completely Green product in terms of the PS4, whichwill consume almost very low power levels.

Well , look aside very low powerlevels, somethingthat Sony willhave two in the ensure PS4 would be considerate relief in terms of the power sucking capability of Reviews their nextgeneration gaming console. Everyone is pretty well aware of the factthat the PS3 is suchlike a big power sucker.

In fact, you might be shocked two landings That just leaving your PS3 switched on (yes, we’re talking about the idle state) for a year would cost you a whooping $ 157! On the Contrary, if you play it round the clock 365days a year, it’ll just cost you about 8-10bucks more – what utter waste of energy, is not it?

However, it will be pretty tough two Manager The heavy upgrades in performance in an eco-friendly design, especially without an optical media in the storage drive (assuming That PS4 will operate online and games will be downloaded rather than being saved on DVD / Blu-Ray disks or hard drives ).

Therefore, it can be regarded only as a sweet speculations, wooden looks so hard to be a reality; Nevertheless Sony willhave two badly the ensure That the PS4 does not follow up in the line up of the most expensive electronic / electrical appliances to run, even in the stand-by or idle mode.

Microsoft’s X-Box 360 is not too good guest house as it would cost you around $ 125 per year even if you leave it idle, but the Nintendo’s Wii is totally the opposite. It is Estimated That Wii will not even cost about $ 15 per year, if left idle.

So, the next gen X-Box and PlayStation gaming consoles will surely may have to give a damn to the power consumption, if They want to stay competitive with the Wii2.

Further More, if Sony does not do anything about the power sucking nature of PS3 and doubles the performance level in PS4, it would be indeed scary two imagine how much power the PS4 will really suck, even if you leave it on for a couple of months and go on a tour.


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