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Quick science projects are great when you have a limited time frame to complete them or are just looking for a fun way to pass some time on a boring afternoon. There are many options when you’re looking for quick science fair projects, such as how much salt does it take to sink an egg?

All you need for this project is a glass, an egg, water and salt, and you just put the egg in the glass, fill it three-quarters full of water and add the salt, one teaspoon at a time. Another quick science project would to do a food comparison on an animal such as a rodent or a bug, or you could even do it on your own pet. You simply want to find out if they prefer one food over the other. This may not work well for pet dogs though, as most dogs seem to want to eat anything!

You could also do a fairly quick test on depth-perception in humans. All you need is a few cylindrical rods on a table next to each other but at a varying distance from one another, and have a friend cover one eye and try to grab the rod that you specify out of the bunch on the first try. You can then re-arrange the rods and have the friend try to do it with both eyes open. Ask him if he felt he could do it easier with one eye covered or with both eyes open.


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