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The Rift Mage Builds Guide features the best soul combination’s used by Mages in the game. It lists several soul combination’s for solo and group play. With the guide you can maximize the skills of your character in Rift. 

Rift Mage Builds are made up of three souls where your character’s abilities will be based on. One will be your base soul. The two remaining souls are the off-soul s that are chosen because of their starter abilities.

In Rift, Mage is a DPS class but you can choose to be a healer with the Chloromancer soul, which can be useful in lower level instances. There are builds based the Necromancer and Elementalist souls that can summon pets.

To deliver the most damage per second, Mages can choose to be a Pyromancer, Warlock,or Stormcaller. If you want to specialize in crowd control, you must choose Dominator. The Archon is the Mage buff/debuff soul.

There are Mage builds for different gameplays. You can buy up to four roles at a time. That means you can have four soul combination’s. You can have a role for solo play and one for group play.

Rift Mage Builds Guide for solo play states that you must use the Necromancer soul as the main soul. The Skeletal Horror is ideal as a tanking pet. This will make you level up faster. For off-soul, choose Chloromancer, which has a debuff that gives you the chance to heal instantly. For the last soul, select Dominator so that you can CC targets when needed.

Rift Mage Builds must have the Chloromancer soul, whether you’re in solo play or in group play. This soul gives you the resurrection spell just in case you are the sole survivor of your group. This way you can resurrect dead party members.

Rift Mage Builds for group play features two choices you can take at a lower level. As expected, a Mage is good at DPS. All Mage classes, except for the Chloromancer, are efficient in inflicting damage to target. But the best damager is the Pyromancer. Choose this as your main soul and select Warlock and Necromancer as your off-souls. The Necromancer’s Skeletal Horror gives you additional damage.

One of the builds in lower level is to be the healer of the group. For this role you need to use the Chloromancer as your main soul. Take note that you need to have lots of skill to be an effective Chloromancer healer. To start with, you need to keep Radiant Spores up in the tank’s target for its chance to heal upon hit effect. Chloromancer’s main healing spell is Bloom. It provides instant generous amount of healing but the downside is that it has a few seconds of cool time. Chloromancer also have AOE healing that can be used when one or two people are low on health points.

These are the different Rift Mage builds that you can choose from. If you need more info then go to my site.


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