Salvation Without Works is Dead


We are living in the End Days and rapidly approaching the Great Tribulation, or in Hopi terms, the Great Purification. It is prophesied that millions will die during these End Times, possibly over half of the world’s population. The big question is, “Are we ready, either physically or spiritually?”

Christians have been taught over the centuries that they cannot earn their way to heaven, or gain eternal life, by doing works. This is only a half truth and very misleading–another of Satan’s lies! Jesus taught us about how good or evil works will impact where we will spend eternity.

There are multiple scriptures concerning works that are hard to ignore. It is imperative that we pay attention to them if we want to be prepared.

In Rev. 20:12-13 we are told the dead will be delivered up and will stand before God. There they will be judged every one according to their works. We can ignore this scripture but it may be at great cost!

Scripture teaches us that faith without works is dead. James 2:17. Jesus taught that our works are to shine so they will glorify our Father in heaven. Matt. 5:16. He taught again that out of a good heart will come good things and out of an evil heart will come evil things. Matt. 12:35. Sometimes what someone does may look like a good work to others, but the true intent of the person doing the action may be for an evil purpose. Only God knows for sure, and hopefully the person accomplishing the work. If they don’t even know when they are doing good or evil work, then they are only deceiving themselves, and are already lost in darkness!

Those who are truly following Jesus are a light to the world. Their works will glorify God. When they accomplish good works out of good hearts filled with unconditional love, they will draw others through love into the embrace of our heavenly Father. Those who try to force their religion on others are walking in the will of Satan, and they will be rewarded accordingly. God gives us free will!


Source by Dorothy K Daigle

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