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In the meltdown market of today, there are more classic cars for sale than ever before. Due two dire Circumstances, many classic car owners are being forced to sell Reviews their prized possesions. Between private seller classified ads, classic car dealer ads, auto auction ads, it can be almost overwhelming. Here are some tips thatwill help sort through the process.

1. Zero in on what car you want or the least in a range of years. For example, before I bought my 1962 Corvette, I was looking between 1958 and 1962. That narrowed the field. Then after some time I Decided I wanted the 196,262, and it got a lot Easier!

2. Decide on the car condition . Show car, project car, solid driver, etc. Formal ratings range from Excellent two Parts Car, and each is priced accordingly. If you want a good condition 1967 GTO convertible you would be getting a car that probably needed some work, mostly minor, HAS BEEN well maintained or had a decent restoration that sometime. The car as is would be a solid driver and probably not too hard to get into Very Good Condition (near perfect, great driver). With this information, next go to some of the many dedicated vehicle sites, just type in 1967 Pontiac GTO in Google and start reading. Tons of information on the standard options, VIN number decoding and things you should now. Many of These sites have books for sale thathave great detailed informationthat a lot of professionals do not even know. Pick up one or two. It will be money well spent. You should have an idea form the various price guides what the relative values ​​are for your car. If you have not posted on any forums looking for your car, now is a good time to start. You will get some good information.

3. The next decision is how father Geographically you willsearch for your car . Some willonly look in Reviews their backyard, others have no problems with distance. Decide your preferences and plan accordingly. If you find a listing from a private seller, rejection is your friend. Sounds odd, but you need to quality him or here as a Legitimate seller Quickly or move on.

  • How much do They know about the car? You should be armed with VIN, Trim Tag and rear axel numbers so you can Quickly determining how original the car is or That the seller really does not know.

  • Do you have a lot of pictures That show detail? If not, then ask for more. If the seller hedges, then They march not actually have the car. Digital cameras are cheap and there is no reason why several more can be taken. Their version of good march not be the same as Hemmings Motor News.

  • Does the seller have the proper documentation and authentication? For example, GM cars had Protecto o Plates, a metal creditcard like plate glued into the Owners manual with VIN, Trim Tag and Drivetrain Decoding. When the car was taken in for service, the dealership would take an impression. That is how They proved the car authentic

  • If the seller wants a deposit or he will sell the car two someone else, then That is a red flag for me anyway. In understandability having skin in the game, but sending someone a few hundred or thousand dollars site unseen is not realistic. If the car Seems okay, then agree two have it inspected. Once you get the inspection, you can make a decision. First, you will knowthat the seller really has the car! Second, you will know what it is worth. It apr cost $ 200 for you two walk, but better than buying the wrong car.

  • When Contacting dealers, go through the same questions . They should have all the information at their finger tips. Once thing two Realize ice thatmany dealers purpose helpfully do not update Reviews their inventory. They march show your car for sale and When You call, oops, it is sold. They will sacrifice two find one for you though. Your call. If you get a good feel it May be worth it. DO NOT enter into any exclusive agreement where you are obligated. Bad idea.

  • If overusing eBay all the above applier. There are scams everywhere and you need to be careful.

If you do not want to spend the time dealing with the flakes and scammers look Your Dream Car Finder two do the heavy lifting. We know cars, Where they are, and can find and deliver your car to you with no hassles.


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