Season Tickets to the Zombie Apocalypse

“If you are alive… you are probably some sort of genetically modified, predisposed bad ass.” – Citizen Z

Z Nation Premiered on September 12, 2014. As a competition piece to AMC’s “The Walking De ad”, “Z – Nation” has become a topic of discussion in relation to the more veteran and undoubtedly finer production.

Overall I would have to say I am more impressed with Z – Nation than I expected. Despite Harold Perrineau’s demise in the first episode of the show (remove expletive for my frustration due to an odd interest in the actor), Z Nation has posed itself as an excellent example of being bad enough to be good. Without delving into each detail of “cheese” factor, the show steals a few concepts from some popular media.

A lot of the set related props such as computer system displays and general zombiness like costuming/ special effects are used directly from other films and series such as the rival AMC series, Battlestar Galactica, Starship Troopers, Pitch Black, and the popular tabletop RPG “Vampire; The Masquerade” published by White Wolf Publishing.

Lexicon in the show is basic due to the censorship from the network, however I did find it interested that the show used “fracking” in exchange for f**k throughout most of the first season when relative to use the word. Nevertheless, phrases and labels found throughout popular media riddles this show.

Furthermore, Z Nation has dialogue that leaves nothing really to relish about. The cast is likable enough, being a mixture of some known faces and others unknown. I am personally glad Perrineau made a short appearance, although the actor was featured on the Netflix advertisement as well as the official release video spot, so this led me to believe he was actually in the show rather than a character who is basically an egocentric, dickhead Army officer hell bent on completing his original orders to deliver a “package” to California, only to killed by a zombie baby. Ridiculous? I agree, however I did find it mildly amusing and I thoroughly enjoy almost anything with DJ Qualls featured in it. He makes me chuckle at times enough to endure another episode.

As the season progresses, it seems it takes the show’s story to progress either. At the third episode point I was getting lost by the redundancy already and Z Nation’s uncanny ability to make what could be a short scenario and prolong it into a 33 minute segment of the show.

I continued to watch though, partly to do with interest in the series, primarily due to my overall lack in a social life and abundance of free time. You are welcome! Anyway, the season picks up around episode five with a few segments of the preceding episodes having minor appeal. In the finale of the first installment, I found reignited hope in what the second season could bring, if they decide to keep on the production.

To sum it up: DJ Qualls as Citizen Z with his sled dog companion were my saving grace to this series. I don’t want to speak for others but I will give it the first 5 minutes in the premiere of the second season before deciding if I will cover this show from a fan or analytic standpoint, I hope the first.

Until then, enjoy the steak why you got it, a lot of people would kill for it, it’s a dog eat dog world… as Citizen Z proclaimed.

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