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What more do you want out of a sexy dress than to make your bust line look great? If most women had to list the top things they want from a sexy dress, certainly killer cleavage would top the list. Nothing draws attention faster than the sexy look of a dress that shows off a little cleavage. Admit it, many of us secretly like having to focus a man’s attention back on our face when we talk!

So what are the best dresses for creating sexy cleavage? It depends on your body. If you are already busty, pretty much anything you wear will create cleavage people can’t help but notice. But for the more average and smaller woman, the right dress can make all the difference in the world.

Strapless dresses are a great choice for drawing attention to the bust line. They are flattering to just about every size chest, and with the right strapless bra underneath can draw attention like nothing else. Support is key in a strapless dress!! Some dresses can pull down on the bust and make it look like you are sagging, so don’t skip the bra. If you are a bit smaller in the bust, try a sweetheart neckline to enhance and add curves. A bandeau top works for most busts, with the exception of really large busts that may appear crushed.

When looking to create cleavage, don’t forget the v-neck. It will draw attention straight down, make your neck look longer, and enhance your natural attributes. A good bra is key here too! For smaller women, a push up bra will make all the difference. Dresses with v-necks can include halter styles that are universally flattering. Some v-necks go all the way down to the navel – if you dare!

Square necklines can make for beautiful cleavage, but work best on more average sized women. Large women may find themselves squeezed out, and their shoulders appear broader. Smaller women will find themselves a bit lost as the need more definition to make the curves appear.

Corset dresses are fabulous for creating cleavage. Not only do they push everything up, but they whittle the waist, which naturally makes the bust appear larger and draws attention there. Nothing is sexier than a corset, and added to a dress you have a recipe for super sexy, super charged cleavage. Just about any bra size will have success with a corset dress.

Remember that accessories can draw attention too! Wear glittering necklaces that fall just above the cleavage to really draw the eye. Chokers are wonderful too, leaving exposed skin and nothing to look at in between the necklace and the bust line.


Source by San Kim Nguyen

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