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What can women expect to find in shops when looking for women’s shoes, size 3? This year, fashion goes in many directions. Let us start with a flat that remains classic and trendy at the same time. Ballerina shoes are a hot fashion item this year. There are dozens of options with these flat shoes. They come with elastic banding around the top edge to help the shoes conform to the foot of the wearer. There is no heel at all. You can get them in a variety of textiles including suede, fur, and patent leather. With the addition of a nice bow on the front, they are ready to help adorn any outfit you have.

If you want a bit higher heel in women’s shoes, size 3, take your shoe shopping to the classic side. A pump is necessary in any woman’s wardrobe. A good pair of pumps makes your office outfit appear professional but transitions into evening wear very easily. You can stick with the classic black pump, but add a bit of pizazz with the right embellishment. An understated bow on the toe in a contrasting colour will make it look classic but dressy too. You can select a low heel or go for something a bit taller. The platform shoes remain popular this year in both pumps and boots.

Boots are another area to explore when it comes to women’s shoes, size 3. Boot lengths go the entire distance this year. Many celebrities love the look of thigh high boots. That trend appears to continue through the fashion collections this fall and winter. On the other end, ankle high boots, known as booties, are also very hot this year. They provide warmth around the ankle and remain very stylish. No one can go wrong when it comes to calf-high boots though.

Trends in women’s shoes, size 3, remain changing each season. The best way to stay on top of changes is to get out and go shopping. It does not cost anything to look. That way when you find the right pair of shoes, you can hop right in and buy them. Whether you prefer a no-heel ballerina or a 15 cm platform boot, you can find something to entice you this season. You can keep your shoe wardrobe up to date with a few chosen pieces that give you flexibility and fashion at the same time.


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