Smart Storage Strategies For a Functional Kitchen


The next time you want to purchase one of those splashy show kitchens that look bigger than your own house, better think twice. Just remember that big sizes do not necessarily deliver the goods. High-performance storage is what really counts, and having it all within easy reach is the real luxury.

Cut your dream kitchen down to size. Adopt some storage strategies that will make your functional kitchen both appealing and fun to work with. If you have windows in your kitchen framing panoramic views of the outside, you are left with little space for wall cabinets. A great idea is to maximize every square foot of the kitchen.

Working along a U-shaped work area and a roomy island, you can put extra wall cabinets above window height. Each side of the island makes use of full-depth cabinets – more than enough storage to make up for space lost to windows. Having full-size units on both sides make it easier to outfit two separate workstations.

Open-shelf units at each end keep frequently used items within arm’s reach. This creates a furniture-like look for the island. To allow optimum flexibility, the refrigerator may be placed in the end wall where it can be reached from both stations.

How about unused space under the microwave? Choose kitchen that utilize this dead space and at the same time clear the main work counter for action. Between meals, this area doubles as a snack center. Ever experienced walking yourself to death in today’s kitchen? Such big space to conquer in between reaching the oven and washing vegetables in the sink. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you might even slip and fall.

An open kitchen plan featuring an island cooking center facilitates easy interaction among members of the family. The island is the main work area where extra counter space on each side of the cook top allows room for wannabe helpers. It is also like a parking space for unloading groceries. A functional kitchen stretches around corners and along the island cooking center for storage.

You can install outfitted pantry shelving that is narrow for easier to find items that otherwise would be hidden. Specially-built double-door closet that keeps china, crystal and linens organized can be made an integral part of a wall. Appliances can be recessed into walls for easy and enjoyable food preparation on counter tops.

Decorate doors of wall cabinets with frosted glass. They lighten up the room – and you do not have to keep the insides neat. This is suitable for a person always on the go. Utensils, linens, tablecloths and whatnots may be kept hidden from view. You may be that person who likes to leave kitchen mess behind when you sit down to dinner.

Incorporating any of these storage ideas into your kitchen design will benefit you and your loved ones. Aesthetic and functional qualities describe these ideas, making your life better as you try to cook foods they really enjoy eating.


Source by Danita Lickfelt

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