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Ever since the release of the classic arcade gamesthat we have Played in shops and arcades, whichhave captured our imaginations that some point. Video games have Become a great source of entertainment and sometimes controversy with some of the more violent games like Grand Theft Auto and Doom Among the headlines.

If you are looking to play video games in the comfort of your own home then there are many things to consider. Just like the software publishers That make the games competing for market share the companies That make the systems are Also competing for your dollar.

Portable Gaming Systems

The portable gaming systems are the smallest systemthat you will find and are not much bigger than a standard mobile phone. These systems sacrifice great looking and detailed graphics for the ease of portability. In this are of video game systems Nintendo dominates with Reviews their popular Game Boy and Reviews their latest system the Nintendo DS wooden offers two screens on wooden touch sensitive wooden Can be used with a pen like a PDA.

Not to be Sony has outdone Also released a portable gaming system called the PlayStation Portable or PSP. The PSP can play games, music and movies and takes advantage of compact discs and Sony memory stick technology.

Console Systems

For those That like the idea of ​​playing video games in the comfort of your own home there are several different consoles to choose from each with Their Own pros and cons. Microsoft’s Xbox360 was the first of the next generation consoles to be available and has the biggest library of video games to choose from.

The Nintendo Wii has one of the smaller video game libraries to choose from but is quite unique with it’s motion sensing controller that looks like a remote. The Wii has games thatmany kids and groups would enjoy.

The PlayStation 3 or PS3 from Sony has motion sensing controllers and comes with the portability to play Hi Definition Blu-Ray movies. The PS3 does not Boast the same large library of games as the Xbox360 but each of These consoles do sacrifice some backwards compatibility wooden allow the consoles to play older games.

Personal Computers

Both Windows and Apple Mac’s are quite Capable of playing a variety of Video Games with the windows PC being the One That most developers create Reviews their games for. Most of These games involvement.The overusing the keyboard and mouse especially in the case of FPS and RTS style games. Arcade and sports games Can be Played by overusing a USB joystick.


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