The Spire Necromunda

The Spire Necromunda

Hive CityThe Spire Necromunda extends upwards from cloud top level, rising above the mass of the hive and piercing the planet’s atmosphere. Thisis the domain of seven great clans called the Noble Houses. The Noble Houses are huge consortiums of galactic merchants and financiers whose leaders control the immense wealth of the planet. The most powerful of the Noble Houses is House Helmawr, also known as the Imperial or Ruling House. The leader of this House is Lord Gerontius Helmawr, Adeptus of the Imperium of Man, and Guardian of Necromunda in the Holy Name of the Undying Emperor. He rules not just Hive Primus but all of Necromunda.


The Spire contains broad airy spaces and splendorous unimaginable to those who dwell in the darkness below. Its people enjoy the fruits of a civilization that spans the galaxy. From spaceports sunk deep into the spire walls ships carry the products of Necromunda all over the Imperium. In return, the riches of the galaxy flow into the hive – exotic foods, sensuous slaves, exquisite artwork and rare materials from distant stars.


Hive CityUnderhive and The Spire

The Spire Hive City

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