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On May 1, 2010, more that 250 Star Trek fans showed up at a sci-fi convention in Tampa, Florida dressed in up in authentic costumes, shattering the recently set Guinness Book world record of 90 set mere months ago in London. These self-proclaimed geeks and Trekkies were wearing a range of Starfleet uniforms, with green face paint for the aliens, and Cornish pasties stuck on their foreheads to represent the Klingons.

Wearing a Star Trek costume isn’t strictly limited to breaking word records, of course. Give in to the desire to suit up as your favorite character from this wildly popular sci-fi franchise – you know resistance is futile! Dressing up in Star Trek costumes is an obvious choice for science fiction conventions, other conventions such as Comic-Con as well as Halloween and cosplay events. Everyone will look out of this word and feel out of this world in a genuine-looking Trekkie costume.

Old school fans of this 44 year-old franchise may enjoy dressing up as Captain James T. Kirk and anyone from the crew of the Federation Starship Enterprise. Kirk, played by William Shatner, was known for his mustard-yellow shirt with a black crewneck. The other signature character for the original series, Spock played by Leonard Nemoy, and was most usually noted for his bright blue uniform and sever black hairstyle and eyebrows. Montgomery Scott, known as “Scottie”, was the Scottish engineer who wore a similar Trekkie costume except with a v-neck red shirt.

There are also plenty of Star Trek costumes for women, the costume for Uhura is a good choice as she was a main character in the original series and many of the following Star Trek films. As the communications officer on the Enterprise, the character of Uhura was quite groundbreaking because not only was she female, but she was also African-American. Typically, Uhura is shown wearing a Star Trek costume styled as a mini-dress in red and black with the signature Star Trek command badge on the chest. Other costume ideas for this Uhura costume include a pair of tall black go-go boots


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