Star Wars Rogue One Final Scene with Darth vader and CGI Princess Leia

The Rogue One Final Scene is full of action as Darth Vader is introduced into the film in full capacity. The importance of this scene is multi -part, including the introduction of Vader of course, but also the appearance of Princess Leia Organa (previous to becoming a Solo). She is in CGI format, seeing as how Carrie Fisher was filming Episode 8 at the time and would have nevertheless had to have been computer aided in appearance anyway in order to look like the younger version of Leia from Episode 4: A New Hope.

Princess Leia utters important words in the Rogue One final scene which leads to the prequels introduction to the originally released Star Wars: A New Hope. That word is indeed… “Hope”. As many Star Wars fans know, Carrie Fisher Passed away in December of 2016. She will be missed greatly and is undoubtedly looking down on the Star Wars verse from a heavenly galaxy, far far away.

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