Star Wars The Force Awakens – Spoilers and Thoughts

So my thoughts on Star Wars Episode 7…

As many fans out there who listen. watch, tune in or any of the like on anything sci fi and fantasy related, It’s no surprise that Star Wars The Force Awakens (episode 7) comes out this year and will revamp the series under Disney’s motif. I have and have had my apprehensions about the additions to the series over the years, however, I have been pleasantly surprised at the outcomes. (Yes, even Episodes 1, 2, and 3) Now don’t chastise me too much, the relevancy of the episodes, and previous casting choices aside, are important to the grand scheme of the Star Wars universe. As such I would have to say that the production of Episode 7: The Force Awakens under Disney’s cowl will be something for every Star Wars fan to enjoy.

Star Wars Celebration 2015

There are multiple points to this and I would be glad to drop all of them on you…

Initially I was skeptical of the thought that Lucas Film and ILM wouldn’t be touching this release with the mantle of their technical aptitude although Disney, in itself, strikes hard in the CGI realm and past releases through the company and Pixar respectively have been nonetheless enjoyable. With the few trailers and, luckily for us here at Sci Fi Junkies, additional sneak peeks we have received, Disney’s Star Wars franchise might be a “force” to be reckoned with… Pun definitely intended.

On the casting side, the crew here at SFJ has our eyes set on a few individuals outside of the main names everyone knows like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and of course Harrison Ford. Although these are wonderful actors and absolutely a great site to see return to the Star Wars Universe we have all come to love, along with Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew, new faces such as Lupita Nyong’o and Oscar Isaac will come to compliment the series in our minds. Additionally, seeing Kenny Baker bg3return as R2- D2 had me in a frenzy from the get go! Also on a casting note, Domhill Gleeson will be featured in the film. This is awesome due to a few things: He was in Harry Potter as Bill Weasley, really the major transition from his theater stuff and also played the techie in Dredd, a personal favorite in the realm of remakes/ sequels. After checking out Ex Machina I also had a little more faith in the casting decision to bring Domhill into the film.

Another facet of the films that intrigues me is back on the topic of production and quality. Disney has really made an advancement on both the technology side and like always the ongoing onslaught of PR revolving around The Force Awakens’ release later this year. Historically, Disney has done very well with production slots, formidably giving itself enough room to have ample production time and release relations all around throughout many, if not all, of its releases. Despite flack on the part of the company taking over the creative position of the films from pretty much now on, Star Wars enthusiasts alike can live pleasantly in the understanding that Disney will not drop the ball on this one. I would have to say that some Disney releases (The ones who’s name shall not be spoken.) have fallen short of box office and fans’ expectations, however, Star Wars is so large of a franchise and Disney’s multi- billion dollar investment will not go unseen by horrible reporting if things don’t get produced in a fan friendly manner. So Far, the trailers that Disney ahs released have been nothing short of eye catching and appealing to any fangirl or fanboy out there. I definitely found humor in the subsequent memes following, like the Matthew McConaughey one especially.

Furthermore, and on another one of my wonderful tangents, the gear… the gear… the gear.

Star Wars has always had its awesome weaponry, ships, battle stations, planetary implements, and so on, but for this Disney production of Star Wars The Force Awakens , the revamping of the traditional equipment and vessels of the Star Wars Universe had me more then geeked out. Although I am partial to the Empire Strikes back and Tattooine versions of the Stormtrooper armor, it was definitely awe striking to see the modifications made to the helmets and armor of the Imperial troopers. I was a little apprehensive all the way back in 2013 when I originally heard there would be changes to the equipment, but I feel they are appropriate for the story line now that I have actually seen them. Anyway, the changes in vessels and the new additions that will be seen (some of which were in the trailers) are going to be amazing. Only adding an additional reason to why Star Wars The Force Awakens is an obvious must see.
Overall, with the combination of the cast made up of great return stars and talent newcomers, technology and implimentation of new CGI techniques, and the continuation of the storyline and its approach through on screen equipment and vehicles, Star Wars The Force Awakens is going to be a great addition to the Star Wars series.

Thanks for getting your Star Wars fix with me you junkies! Comment below about anything Star Wars and visit us again!


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