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  • Robert DeJesus has an Impostor Problem!

    Frequent convention guest Robert DeJesus has alerted his Facebook and Instagram followers that someone has created an imposter Instagram account with the name robertdejesus_art. The imposter has reportedly been soliciting commissions from followers. Robert confronted them via Instagram comment, but the comment was deleted and he was blocked. One Instagram user reports being told the […]

  • Pokemon Anime with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z All in One

     Pokemon Anime with a touch of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z This Pokemon anime I found is an independent one and very creative… weird, but creative. Not really too sure what i just watched, but it is a mashup of Pokemon, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z style fighting. Blaine basically looks like a sidistic POS […]

  • Ash Greninja VS Mega Charizard X Full Fight – Pokemon XYZ HD

    Published on Nov 14, 2016 Daily Episodes starting at 7:30 AM EST and uploading throughout the day! Thanks for Watching! Subscribe if you liked the show:… 1.) Description: (Episode Description) Ash Greninja VS Mega Charizard X – Pokemon XYZ HD Full battle sequence 2.) Related Link(s): Website: Instagram: Twitter: 3.) Affiliate […]

  • Essential Anime for any Enthusiast

    Essential Anime for any Enthusiast Everyone has their hobby and interests, but here is a list of 80+ titles in anime film and television that everyone can enjoy. Even if the obscure ones aren’t your style, don’t fret, Sci Fi Junkies has a list full of steamy anime goodness. Enjoy! Akira (1988)   8.1/10 A secret […]

  • Odd Pokemon Out Full Episode 161 – Pokemon Battle Frontier Full Episode

    Odd Pokemon Out Full Episode 161 – Pokemon Battle Frontier Full Episode The team is on Camomile Island, en route to May’s next Pokémon Contest on Chrysanthemum Island. Everyone lets their Pokémon out to have some fun. When Ash’s Donphan tries to play with some young Rhyhorn, its intentions are misunderstood and soon Ash and […]

  • Dragon Ball Z Sagas

    Dragon Ball Z Sagas   SAIYAN SAGA FRIEZA SAGA CELL SAGA BUU SAGA DRAGON BALL ZWITNESS THE ACTION AS POWER LEVELS RISE AND PLANETS EXPLODE. THE ULTIMATE ACTION ADVENTURE Horrifyingly evil villains from the darkest corners of space and time are colliding with Earth, and Goku – the strongest fighter on the planet – is all […]

  • Beautifully Designed Pokemon Art

    Pokemon is the wonderful series we have all come to love over the years! As I grow older and likewise, the series, I find myself finding more and more things that are great spin offs or takes on the classic Pokemon. These examples of Pokemon Art are great! Pokemon art can be found all over […]