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  • Power Rangers Reboot from Lions Gate

    Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot is finally starting to take shape, with a reboot script in place from Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller, and Dean Israelite set to direct. A report surfaced earlier this week that the studio wants to cast unknown actors to play the title characters, withproduction scheduled to begin later this year for […]

  • Power Rangers Auditions looking for Unknown Actors

    Power Rangers Auditions looking for Unknown Actors || Over the weekend, Power Rangers director Dean Israelite revealed that the script for his highly-anticipated reboot is “mature but playful,” offering a “fun take on the material.” With the script and the director now in place, it isn’t known when casting may begin, but today we have an […]

  • Power Rangers Reboot to be ‘Mature but Playful’

    Power Rangers Reboot to be ‘Mature but Playful’ When Lionsgate shuffled it’s Power Rangers movie reboot off to January 2017, many saw this as a bad sign. Isn’t January where bad movies go to die? Well, not really any more. The first month of the year has become lucrative real estate as more and more […]

  • Avengers Infinity War Connection with Captain America: Civil War

    In Phase 1 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the primary focus was on establishing the core members of the Avengers – Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor – so that they could team up on screen in 2012. Meanwhile, Marvel has been planting seeds throughout the entire movie universe in the form of the Mad […]

  • Chinese Box Office Trumps United States

    Chinese Box Office Trumps United States  Five Chinese movies put on an explosive fireworks show at the Chinese box office over that country’s New Year’s holiday weekend, one that is resonating with the global film industry and beating anything Hollywood has done in almost two years. All five ranked among the top 10 movies at the […]

  • New Batman vs Superman Images Revealed!

    A new image of the titular heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released. Both Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman grace the cover of the new issue of Empire. New Batman vs Superman Images  || Image Credit: Empire The cover feature in the magazine takes a deeper look […]