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  • Rock the Kasbah starring Bill Murray

    Bill Murray has one crazy story to tell in the first trailer and poster forOpen Road Films‘ Rock the Kasbah, arriving in theaters October 23. We haven’t heard much about this project lately, aside from the photoZooey Deschanel set out last year when production wrapped. This comedy reunites Bill Murray with Scrooged screenwriter Mitch Glazer. […]

  • Avengers Ending Explained

    Avengers Ending Explained Avengers: Age of Ultron concludes on an interesting note, one that moves the team’s heroes into new places and new directions as it lays the groundwork for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By the end of the film, Earth’s Mightiest heroes have defeated Ultron and recruited some new super-powered beings along the way, […]

  • Black Panther fits into Captain America: Civil War

    Black Panther fits into Captain America: Civil War

    When Marvel hosted a media and fan event at The El Capitan Theatre in October to reveal their Phase 3 film plans, most of the focus was spent on next year’s Captain America: Civil War. Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers/Captain America will be squaring off against Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, and stuck in the middle of the […]

  • Avengers Infinity War Connection with Captain America: Civil War

    In Phase 1 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the primary focus was on establishing the core members of the Avengers – Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor – so that they could team up on screen in 2012. Meanwhile, Marvel has been planting seeds throughout the entire movie universe in the form of the Mad […]

  • China Film makes unprecedented Upward Movement

    China Film makes unprecedented Upward Movement Move over Hollywood! There’s a new star stealing the spotlight — China has beaten the U.S. for the first time in monthly box office sales. China film brought in $650 million in box office revenue for February, surpassing sales in the U.S. of $640 million, according to EntGroup, a […]

  • Whiplash Movie Review and Information

    Whiplash Movie Review and Information Starring: J.K. Simmons, Melissa Benoist, Miles Teller, Paul Reiser Summary: Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller), a young jazz drummer who attends one of the best music schools in the country under the tutelage of the school’s fearsome maestro of jazz named Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), struggles to make it as a […]

  • Mucho Dinero Film (2015)

    Two friends become accidental bounty hunters in South America Mucho Dinero centers on two friends who have fallen on hard times recently. Therefore they welcome the opportunity to go on a vacation in South America with another friend. Soon they realize that the true objective of their not-so-relaxing sojourn is to capture a wanted drug […]

  • Upcoming Sci Fi Movies for 2015

    The year is moving forward quickly but don’t miss out on the great titles hitting theaters in 2015. Here’s a list throughout the close of 2015, of upcoming sci fi movies that will blow you away!           The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials – September 18th [Credit: 20th Century Fox] The Maze […]

  • Suicide Squad trailer || The DC Villains Are Here to Destroy!

    The official Suicide Squad trailer that debuted at Comic-Con 2015 and later leaked online is now online officially! And let’s be honest: With this trailer, DC and Warner Bros. are changing the game with their DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Besides featuring the first team of of comic book villains to lead a major blockbuster movie, and occupying a […]