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  • The New 3DS Reviews | Nintendo’s new wonder in handeheld Gaming

    OUR VERDICT Most of the improvements are minor, but the second analogue stick and much-improved 3D feature make for the definitive new 3DS. This is the one we’ve been waiting for. FOR New 3D is vastly better Second analogue nub is long overdue Still relatively affordable AGAINST Battery hasn’t really improved Processor bump divides old […]

  • Pokemon Z Ring Features for Pokemon Sun and Moon

    So you made it to level 99 in Pokemon Go, you’ve completed each GameBoy game – Twice, and you’re thinking to yourself, “There can’t be more, I am the best Pokemon player alive!” Wrong… you haven’t read about the Pokemon Z Ring yet. The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are looking to expand on the […]

  • Wii U is Cancelled but Here’s the Best Wii U Games Ever

    The best Wii U games can be debated but today Nintendo Announced the fall of the Wii U. A sad day indeed for those faithful to the console that Nintendo says is being cancelled. Production will cease for the Wii U. As announcements of the Nintendo Switch came out a few days back, it was […]

  • Nintendo Announces New Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon Games

    We’ve already seen every new Pokémon that Pokémon Sun and Moon have to offer, as part of a major info dump spread by data-mining demo players. Keep in mind, there could be more additions to Pokemon Sun and Moon prior to launch day! The Pokémon Company is hugely advertising Pokemon Sun and Moon is committed to […]

  • Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

    Nintendo’s next video game console will be called the Nintendo Switch, the company announced today. The system, which was known by the code name “NX” until now, is scheduled to be released in March 2017, confirming the window Nintendo previously gave. The Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid gaming system. It will connect to a […]

  • New Pokemon for Sun and Moon Announced through Coro Coro and Kotaku

    The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, which reveals new creatures including Silvally and Kommo-o, the latter of which is the evolved form of Jangmo-o.   One of Silvally’s unique abilities is called RKS System. This allows it to change its type, making its attacks more effective against creatures […]

  • The Top Nintendo Gifts for the Game Lover in Your Life

    Everyone Loves Nintendo! I mean, How could you not? Nintendo has some wonderful releases this holiday season for Black Friday and Christmas. From board games to Pokemon to controllers, you name it… Nintendo is releasing it this year. With huge announcements like Pokemon Go and Pokemon z, it was only to be expected for Nintendo […]

  • The Benefit Of A Good Business Education || Sci Fi Junkies

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  • Top 5 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] Traditionally, you have you house, a small lawn by the street; That’s the picture mostpeople Depict of a home. But what people are Realizing now Is that They can make their house visually appealing in a father greater way. It does not always have to a mix stereotypical design; you have several options in […]