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  • Pokemon GO release Date for February 2016

    The “Pokémon GO!” release date may be on February next year. It was previously reported that the “Pokémon GO!” release date will be next year. According to News Everyday, the game is rumored for an early 2016 release. Plus, it may happen on the second month of the year. Fans are so excited over the augmented […]

  • Pokemon New Season Recap || Part I

    MARK HARTEAUGUST 15, 2015 Pokemon New Season Recap || Part IHey everybody! A while back, we’ve asked our readers to send in questions centered around the post-Worlds metagame, whether it be XY-on or Expanded. These articles will contain the answers to each of these questions. If you missed the opportunity to send in a question, […]

  • Pokemon New Season Recap

    MARK HARTEL PREMIUM0 COMMENTS Pokemon New Season Recap Hey guys!In this article I’m going to finish the remaining questions from our Q&A session. Since we thought this one went rather well – lots of good questions with room for answers that should be helpful to everyone – we’ll be looking for an opportunity to do […]

  • The Pokemon Series || Why It Was and Will Always Be Great

    You know, yesterday marked a big day in not only my personal history as an anime, cosplay, and gaming junkie, but marked a large day for many others like me. Pokemon, the Japanese anime that so many millions have come to love and has stuck around since the late 90’s here in America, made its appearance on network […]

  • Pokemon Cosplay – Art, Ideas and Builds

    Pokemon Cosplay Pokemon has been a popular cartoon, movie, anime and toy franchise since the early 1990’s, however, the up and coming style of cosplay is relatively newer on the scene atr conventions. I noticed a few years back that you may see an Ash, Misty or Brock… even variations of Jesse and James or […]