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  • New Battlefront Trailer Released with Boba Fett

    New Battlefront Trailer Released with Boba Fett  CAUTION: SPOILERS!!! Welcome back Sci Fi Junkie! Check out the latest on Star Wars Battlefront from EA Games. The trailer has been released, along with some other footage on EA’s website all filled with goodness and steamy Star Wars fun for all you addicts out there! Send us […]

  • Turn Based Gaming renewed in Duelyst

    A battle game is trying to bottle the most fun aspects of competitive turn-based strategy Their first game idea was a joke, an MMO based on classic coin-op Asteroids. To be fair to them, Keith Lee and Emil Anticevic were just shooting the breeze, coming up with goofy game ideas to pass the time. They’d […]

  • Nintendo Announces New Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon Games

    We’ve already seen every new Pokémon that Pokémon Sun and Moon have to offer, as part of a major info dump spread by data-mining demo players. Keep in mind, there could be more additions to Pokemon Sun and Moon prior to launch day! The Pokémon Company is hugely advertising Pokemon Sun and Moon is committed to […]

  • The Top Nintendo Gifts for the Game Lover in Your Life

    Everyone Loves Nintendo! I mean, How could you not? Nintendo has some wonderful releases this holiday season for Black Friday and Christmas. From board games to Pokemon to controllers, you name it… Nintendo is releasing it this year. With huge announcements like Pokemon Go and Pokemon z, it was only to be expected for Nintendo […]

  • The Benefit Of A Good Business Education || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] Find out how a good education can help you succeed much faster. Your business needs help two grow. All businesses need help two grow. This can be in the form of business advice, technical advice or financial advice. There are many Organisations That advertise Reviews their experience in suchlike matters and invite you two […]

  • Top 5 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] Traditionally, you have you house, a small lawn by the street; That’s the picture mostpeople Depict of a home. But what people are Realizing now Is that They can make their house visually appealing in a father greater way. It does not always have to a mix stereotypical design; you have several options in […]

  • An Ode to Video Games || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] As an undergraduate it has dawned on me That the game console is, apart from the laptop, one of the quintessential luxuries That should be taken two halls. Two visiting grandparents it is a lifeless creature in Hibernation-whose only purpose is two collect dust. However two students, When turned on, the game console enters […]

  • Video Games As Physical Activity || Sci Fi Junkies

    [ad_1] It is common knowledge That video games have caught the imagination of millions of people and today most children opt to play video games indoors ratherthan engage in outdoor games. Many physical education professionals have condemned this trend as unhealthy. For any child, physical activity and outdoor games are essential in the growing up […]