The Rain Couldn’t Stop Tampa Comic Con 2015

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015

A heavy rain poured over Tampa, Florida this weekend as Tampa Bay Comic Con began its preparation to receive thousands of geek followers to see the likes of Carrie Fischer, Sabat, the beautiful Lea Thompson and many other big names in science fiction, fantasy and horror genre movies and television!

wpid-wp-1438559684053.jpegThis was one of the many stops planned for the Sci Fi Junkies crew on our way to Dragon Con 2015 in Atalanta. Flooded and showering was the status of the convention center as we made our way a few blocks down to the massive complex which is Tampa Convention Center. The con picked up as scheduled on Friday and spanned through Sunday evening. The panels were wonderful and of great variety. We attended a few of them but were interviewing and photographing in the exhibition hall where the artists, shops and celebrities were.

Arthur Suydam grabbed our attention
early as he was drawing an Army of Darkness picture when we arrived at his table. He was a funny and quirky guy but hey, that;s how Suydam’s always been. Brushing off a rude staff member (which seemed to be the norm with employees of Tampa Convention Center) he continued talking with us about his Marvel Zombies series and his previous work. What an awesome guy!

george lucas and roxy the rancor

 I’ll tell you, the layout of Tampa Bay Comic Con was one of the  most organized I had been too. It was simple to navigate the  event despite the massive crowd. Speaking of the crowd, there  were some wonderful costumes at this convention! From Marty  McFly to Predator to a massive Rancor built by The 501st  Legion. “Roxy the Rancor” was a wonderful addition to Tampa  Bay Comic Con 2015!

As the weekend unfolded we found ourselves also in Artist’s Alley where a menagerie of talent slapped us in the face. From the known to unknown, these artist were all wonderful. Check out the gallery here.

Moving on…

One of the best stops we had was talking With Linda Hamilton, the beautiful actress and wonderful person. She was so welcoming and discussed the Terminator franchise and a little of her personal life with us. She remarked on the artistry found at Tampa Bay Comic Con and how talented the local and visiting artists were. I won’t lie, my inner nerd still has a huge crush on the woman.

Anyway, Tampa Bay Comic Con was another success in our convention adventures. Needless to say,  we’re still on track for Dragon Con 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Keep the light saber at your side and watch out for Roxy the Rancor! Until next time Junkies…

Images in this article provided by KM Franck

A side not for the traveler: Tampa is full of wonderful eating and drinking spots for any type of person. We stopped in at Yoeman’s Cask and Grill, an English style restaurant sporting the following saying:

A truly wonderful spot!

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