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As adults if we hate science then it is because we were not taught right when we were kids. Science can be a captivating subject instead of a bore…runaway subject. If classroom science is boring for your kids then it is time you take up the book and drill your kids about it. But first you should enjoy what you are teaching.

To get your kids interested in science induces them to have a questioning nature. Why, how, when…these are a few questions they should ask themselves or you whenever you teach them something. This way it keeps their mind functioning and builds their logic.

Why is the sky blue? How does the sea get filled with water? From where do waves arise? Why does one feel hungry? What is the body made up of? How does one get the urge to attend natures call? Why do stars shine? Why is the moon visible only at night? How are we living on this planet? Is there any other planet that has living organisms? Were humans the first things on earth?

This way they will find answers to their nagging questions and build new ones. They will understand better and have a clear idea of what they are learning. If you stub their questions then it does not get answered, not is school nor at home. Some kids will try to find it out on their own while most of them will prefer to forget about it and thus stun their IQ.

Another interesting way to deal with it is to have causal quiz contests at home. Let your kids do their school homework and also get some basic general knowledge. Then you have a question answer, buzzer, fast answer round and the one with the most answers wins an extra piece of cake after dinner.

You can hold science quizzes in your neighbourhood. Or among your family members when everyone meets. This way you will motivate your kids to get out of bed and get studying. Buying them science books, taking them to the planetarium or science exhibitions is nice way to expose them to the happenings in the world. All in all your motivation and cadence will help them build interest and take on science as a fun loving subject.


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