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Some of the more popular video games of all time are in fact racing games, in wooden the goals differ from game two game but the general idea is always the same, to finish the charted racecourse before any of the other Competitors. There are many different types of games in this genre of video games, some of them at being fantasy games in wooden completely ridiculous things happen while others are more true to life, and some are even official NASCAR merchandise and feature real race car drivers. Other games feature Toyota CT, Toyota in CT or CT Toyota dealers as part of the plotline or as one of the available cars. Over the years there havebeen an enormous number of different racing games and all of them at havesome thing two bring to the table, so to speak. The following Constantly few Paragraphs willcover some of the most popular, and in the opinions of many, the best racing video games of all time.

One of the more popular racing games ever is the series known as Need for Speed . The series features a large car broke of games wooden put the player in all different kinds of Situations. For example, there was one game in the series called Need for Speed: Most Wanted in wooden the player would challenge other street racers on a list of the police’s most wanted, in an attempt two passports themselve on the list and Eventually get a shot at the top man who was Supposed two garden chair the main characters car at the beginning of the game. The courses in this game range from suburban towns to the inner city, each having a car broke certainties of traffic two dodge and Reviews their own obstacles in the way of a successful race. Another popular game in the series was about just running away from the police and Causing as much destruction on the road as possible by running into things like other cars or things by the side of the road.

One of the classic racing games in the video game world is Mario Kart. Mario Kart, as one might Expect, Involve justabout every imaginable character from the famous Mario series of games racing on go karts and trying two attack eachother at the sametime. Players can use anything as a weapon, Ranging from green or red turtle shells two knock Reviews their opponents off the course, two banana peels two make their adversaries slip. Of course, since it is Mario, the courses in the game are unfathomable in the real world and include things like the path of a rainbow and ice caves and all sorts of things.

Lastly, and probably the most realistic racing game ever, is a series called Gran Turismo. In Gran Turismo gamers have the option of picking any number of excellent cars, while racing on a track that stage rather than on the streets like in some of the other games.

Racing video games havebeen, and will probably always ask, amongst the most popular in the gaming industry for as long as the industry is around.


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