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When two people have been together for a while, it becomes necessary to put more effort into keeping things interesting and alive. This is why most couples these days are becoming more and more interested in the many role playing ideas for couples available online and through the books and magazines being published for the general public. Role playing are probably one of the best methods of foreplay. Here are a couple of suggestions for you and your partner to try out.

School principal and student

This role play appeals to the teenage boy in you, back when you barely know anything about pleasing girls and you fantasize about how it would be to have someone you look up to teach you the ways of making love. For your partner, this will appeal to her desire for power and total control, something that in the real world may not always be the case. This scenario creates a power struggle, which can arouse a lot of sexual excitement and fascination both for the dominatrix in your partner and the subservient protégée in you.

Manager and his personal secretary

This scene is set in a workplace and can be a fun way of winding down from a hard day at the office. As opposed to the scenario described earlier, this gives you, the man, complete power over the female and plays out the fantasy that every woman with a gorgeous boss must have indulged in. It could start with the secretary hiding under the desk while the manager or the boss handles a very important call. Depending on how extreme the two of you are willing to go, the secretary can perform oral sex on you while you pretend to close a very important business deal or you could have sex on the office table after you threaten to fire her if she does not let you do what you want with her.

Man of the house and the French house maid

This scenario is one of the most popular among the many role playing ideas for couples out there. The housemaid is scantily clad, probably wearing a very short skirt and low cut blouse with black stockings while the man of the house can either wear a pair of trunks underneath a bathrobe or an office suit as if he just got home from work and discovered the maid playing with herself. Other kinds of role playing can be added into the basic man of the house and French maid scene, if desired, she can act reluctant at first and then fully give in once you go down on her and vice versa.

Photographer and his model

Most women fantasize about being in front of the camera, fully made up and looking her best and this scenario is the best way to fulfill that. Your partner can wear a very revealing gown with nothing underneath while she tries to seduce you, the photographer, with her provocative poses. Of course, the use of props must be employed to realistically pull of this game.

Club dancer and her conservative client

Most men these days fantasize about seeing their partners completely go wild on the dance floor and having her wear her sexiest g strings will dancing to your favourite tune is guaranteed to drive you up the wall with desire. Of the entire role playing ideas for couples out there, this is one of the easiest to pull off as this needs very minimal props and can be done with so little preparation.

Have fun!


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