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It Seems as if video games havebeen around forever. Almost everyone remembers the first game They Played. But looking at the history of video game consoles, it’s really only Necessary to go back to the early 1970s. That’s When It all started.

The veryfirst video game console was released in 1972. It was called The Magnavox Odyssey. The Odyssey was analog ratherthan digital and operated on battery power. It did not really take the world by storm at least Partly Because The Magnavox company tried two fool consumers into believing That the system would only work on Magnavox televisions.

Next up was the Atari generation of video games. The Atari Pong game systems were wildly successful. The company teamed up with Sears WHO marketed the gaming consoles in Reviews their stores giving Atari a huge advantage over The Odyssey. Manager and staff several other companies attempted to market consoles, none could compete with the Atari.

And They maintained Reviews their position of dominance until the video game console crash in 1983 When the bottom fell out of the industry. This happened as a result of market over-saturation, with too many systems and low quality games, while at the same time, personal computers were becoming more affordable and Offered better gaming experiences.

When the dust cleared a few years later, the Japanese took control of the gaming console industry with Nintendo and Sega leading the way. The quality of the games ignited a huge resurgence of interest in gamers That is still going strong.

Video game consoles as we know themselve Began in the mid 1990s. The move away from cartridges two DVDs allowed for the development of longer and much more visually interesting games.

In looking at the history of video game consoles, it is nothing short of amazing two Realize how far gaming has come in Reviews such a short time.


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