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“Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations”

Once you understand the principles of the Science of Getting Rich, it is important that you practice them all the time. Repetition is one of the most effective ways to develop any skill and make it your own. By practicing these principles, you will avoid any detours in getting what you want.

Wattles names seven principles we need to observe to get the most from the Science of Getting Rich:

1. Ignore those who say that government or social institutions must change before getting rich is possible for everyone.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Or so it seems. There will always be those who will look to government to solve their problems. Don’t be one of them. Take personal responsibility for your life. Practice personal accountability. If you believe you need the government’s help to succeed, you will never succeed.

History is filled with people who enjoyed unprecedented success because they didn’t settle for the status quo. The bottom line is that the only one ultimately standing in your way of succeeding is you.

2. If enough people followed the principles outlined in the Science of Getting Rich, neither governments nor institutions would be able to stop the forward movement.

It only takes one person to start a revolution that will change things. Look at Martin Luther King, or Martin Luther, or Spartacus. There are many others. Once the word spreads, many will follow and get on board. A small ripple can quickly become an unstoppable tidal wave as it gains momentum.

3. When you enter the plane of creative thought, you will rise above the dictates of the current governmental system.

Each of us is created for a purpose. I believe that God has created each of us for a unique purpose. When we each discover what our purpose is, and seek to fulfill that purpose, we become unstoppable.

Regardless of the current societal or economic conditions, there will be those who succeed and become wealthier. It’s unavoidable. They don’t allow current conditions to influence how they will do things.

4. Don’t waste your time thinking about future emergencies; concentrate on what you need to do today.

Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow, that it has its own problems. We only need to live in today, in this moment. When we live moment to moment, and in the present, it can change our lives. It relieves us of worry because we don’t have to think about future events.

Does this mean we shouldn’t plan or make plans? Of course not. One of the secrets to getting out of life what you want is to have a goal, outline the steps you need to reach your goal, and then take the steps you need to take each day to get there.

5. Don’t focus on obstacles; continue to do things in the Certain Way, and these obstacles will be eliminated.

Norman Vincent Peale once said that “within every problem lies the seeds of the solution.” Obstacles are often caused by thinking about the future instead of thinking about what is happening right now. Many of your obstacles will eliminate themselves if you refuse to think about them.

As a Christian I know that obstacles often mean that I am getting closer to my goal. The more obstacles I have, the closer I am to getting what I want. This is the time to persevere. Don’t focus on your obstacles. Focus on reaching your goals.

6. Guard your speech.

Lisa Diane calls this the “Law of Command.” You need to watch what you say. What we focus on, what we say, demonstrates how we really feel and what we believe. If you want to change your life and reach your goals, you need to focus on what you are trying to accomplish and speak words of success.

Genesis tells us that God spoke the universe into existence. Words are very powerful. Don’t allow your own words or the words of others to defeat you.

7. Train yourself to look at the world as getting better and better.

How you perceive things will influence what actions you take. If you see things as getting worse, they will get worse. It’s self fulfilling prophecy. If you see things as getting better, they will get better. Learn to see things as getting better and better.

There is nothing wrong with being realistic, but if you want to succeed, you will need to focus on the positive and take the steps to accomplish your goal. Then you will succeed regardless of outer circumstances.


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