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The term marching band refers to a group of musicians who play outdoors on special occasions like a sporting event or as a display. These bands are colorfully dressed and help in lifting the spirits and keeping it up.

Here are a few tips you can bear in mind before choosing or designing a band costume:

• Conduct an extensive study of the available costumes and the companies that cater to designing costumes for marching bands. There are numerous companies that make costumes and it is most advantageous if you do your homework and find out which of these companies offer the best services and choose accordingly.

• You can also check out a few books like “The Marching Band handbook” that gives you extensive knowledge on marching bands.

• It is always better if you take pointers from the members of the band on various aspects of designing a costume. It is always better if you select a costume that is brightly colored in the colors of the school or college so that your band is distinguished from the others.

• Accessorize with feathers and brightly colored helmets and hats that match your uniform, these aspects score more point with judges. The more innovative you are with the uniforms he more point you get.

• Make sure that the uniforms fit all the members of the band. You can do this by taking individual measurements of the members so none of them have to battle with extra small or large costumes.

• The most important part of the marching band is accuracy so every aspect of it should be accurate including the uniforms. Ensure all the members of the band are neatly attired in the costume. The costumes should be crisp and neatly pressed to make a lasting impression with judges.

The hardest part of the costume will be putting the pieces together, meaning sewing the costumes. It’s best to find a local seamstress to create the costumes, or a club booster who will help with the pricing. Money for the costumes can be raised through local fundraising campaigns, as well as marching band shows.

Your costume is very important with your theme. If your theme is western, your costume must be western wear. If the theme is Christmas, the crowd should see Santa Clause and elf costumes. This will pull them into the show, more than if you’re wearing street clothing. Be sure to capture their attention.


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