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History is repeating. Colored tights are coming back into the world of fashion. Know how to wear them properly to avoid being the laughing stock of your town. Here are a few ideas about wearing colored tights in a suitable way.

First, get the meaning of ‘denier’. You should know some basic ‘tights’ terminology. The word ‘denier’ refers to the thickness or sheerness of the knit of a pair of tights. The lower the denier number, the sheerer they will look when you wear them. The denier you decide on is totally up to your personal taste but you should take into account that the time of year and color of the tights are more suited to some levels of denier.

What to choose if your outfit is colorful. You need to seriously consider how the tights will look with your attire that day. Unless, of course, you are trying to pull off a clown costume, only one thing that you are wearing can be bold and colorful. If your outfit already contains tones like orange, burgundy and green, your colored tights need to be a bit more muted, so go for neutral, black, gray, brown or beige tights. If your outfit is fairly neutral in tone, you can really add some spice to your look with some colorful tights. Again if the bottom half your outfit is neutral, you can go a bit crazy with the color of your tights. In order to make a unique look, add bright, strident colors like teal, orange, lime or yellow, or wear tights with different bands of color on them.

Make sure your colorful tights are appropriate for the time of year. They say anything goes in fashion. But you need to be a bit careful when you’re getting dressed in colored tights. Be sure your overall look is OK for the season. Unless you want everyone to look at you, you should wear tights that match the color of the season. In cooler times, select darker colors like reds, browns, purples, grays, and sometimes blacks and in a higher, thicker denier. For summer and spring months, you can go for the vibrant jewel colors magenta or emerald. In these circumstances, a lower denier count is acceptable. Just about any bright shade is OK for the summer months, as long as the tights complement the rest of the outfit.

Light shades of colored tights. Never, ever wear colored tights in a light shade. Lighter colored tights don’t help you look skinner and they do make you look older. The best way to create a fashion disaster is to wear tights in peach, beige or pink! The only way to get away with the lighter shades is to pair them with fishnets or a textured stocking.


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