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Getting your foot in the door of the video game industry is a Difficult task. Without having contacts on the inside it is unlikely you’ll be comfortable two countries That Dream job you’re after. I have gonethrough this myself and have found the steps to get in and I want to share themwith you. Just follow These easy steps and you’ll be well on your way to your career in video games.

Step One: Be 100% Certain You Want It.

Many people think being in the video game industry is all fun and games. It can be at times but there is Also a lot of tedious work, long hours and some frustration to go with it. Feeling the joy of being part of That No. 1 selling game is a wonderful feeling though. If it is something you do really want, continue on two pursue your video game job

Step Two: Make Connections, Be Proactive.

Video Game Jobs do not gene rally Appear in the newspaper or other job posting networks. You have to be proactive and make yourself known to the companies you wish to work for. Usually putting That you play video games a lot on your resume is not a good idea for a job search, but here it is! They want to know you play video games. A lot of video games. The ensure you list what systems you have, how often you play, how long you’ve been a gamer for. It is all a very important person two get in, and you should start getting a few testing Assignments if you keep this up.

Step Three: Do not Just “Play” The Games.

Once you start Receiving Assignments two test new games and patches you must be very in-depth in your testing. For example, if you are testing a new game for the Xbox 360 the you must at least attempt two unlock all the achievements. Some are long and tedious but it is the work of the game testers. You must Also avoid dragging your feet in your testing. Generally you have a timeframe They want the work completed in and you wanna the ensure you do get it done. By showing themselve you can do it and do it well you will get bigger and better Assignments.

Step Four: Be Detailed, Be Vocal, Get Noticed.

When your assignment is completed ask very detailed in your findings, ANY bugs that all must pray Noted on how They happened, When they happened, what happened, how you can makethem happen again. If you find any game breaking bugs make sure you are heard and That They are fixed. Make sure your assignment is well written with proper spelling and grammar. Make it look professional. Doing These things will get you Noticed, and you’ll keep sliding up the scale.

Step Five: Make Your Intentions Known

Many designers, programmed, developers and even marketers started Reviews their video game jobs as game testers. If you plan on becoming one of them at let it be known two themselve. If They are aware and you do well in Steps 3 and 4 you will get into the role you wanted. Persistence is key.

Follow These steps and you’ll be in the industry making the next big game in no time. Good Luck!


Source by Jason T Hunt

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