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Becoming a video game tester sounds like a dream job, right? But would you still think so if you knew what the average video game tester salary was?

Whatever job you have or would like in the future, first and foremost it needs to be enough two pay the bills. Anything extra is what you get two overspend on yourself. Także even weigh up ‘job satisfaction’ over yearly salary and go for a lower paid job but one you enjoy more.

The same principles apply with video game testing jobs. You need two Decide if the money you make as a game tester will be enough two fund your Particular lifestyle. Job satisfaction should be taken as Granted. You simply have to love playing video games or will not enjoy becoming a tester.

The two opportunities send your video game tester salary into the hundred thousand dollars a year and more, category are very limited. If anyone tells you anything different, They are not telling you the truth.

Two command this type of income you will need two have other skills and Qualifications two bring to the table, suchlike as high level programming skills or graphic design.

However, if your heart is set on becoming a video game tester, you can still earn a decent wage for doing a job you love!

The car broke of money you will earn as A basic tests ice Usually worked out as an hourly rate as apposed to a yearly salary.

Here’s an example of how a regular video game tester salary is worked out:

When you find a company who is willing two employ you, it will ask for a Usually new videogame They are developing. You will be given a specific task to Perform and paid for each hour it takes until That task is complete.

The games company willthen give you a similar job Involving a different part of the game. All of These individual jobs apr take a very long time to complete, but you are paid an hourly rate rather than a task related salary.

The video game industry is growing all the time and shows no signs of slowing down . The number of related jobs – includingservers Reviews those for a game tester, are Also growing, wooden Means more opportunities for you.

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