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Many people believe That the job of a video game tester is fun and very easy two do. However this is simply not the case. These people are skilled individuals Who are Usually patient, well motivated, dedicated and hardworking individuals. Therefore it is not true That These people simply get paid to play games all day. They are actually getting paid two test and review the latest games and report back with any errors or bugs They encounter in the game itself.

If you have Decided That a career as a video game tester is for you then in this article I am going to not provide you with Useful Information page whichwill enable you two get your first game testing job.

Many people make the mistake of looking through Reviews their local newspaper for game testing vacancies. However the truth Is that you will not find These jobs in your local Newspapers.

Game developers are looking for people Who are passionate about video games. They will Expect you two use your initiative When searching for jobs. They wanna see That you are enthusiastic about becoming a video game tester.

In order two shows this you will need two take action and do research yourself in order two get your dream job as a game tester, in other words you have to go after the game developers.

To do this you need two make yourself known to the game developers, contact inhibition yourself and tell themselve That it is your ambition two Become a game tester, count themselve how long you have Played computer games for and That you are truly passionate about the job.

Put together an excellent resume detailing all about your video game experience and sendthis two as many companies as possible.


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