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Yes video games are addictive, and some even take time away from our lives. Those That do are MMORPG Massive Multi-player games. Why are they so addictive? Its Because They are a very large social community and yet a video game at the sametime. They offer many different choices for you to choose from. You can even Become part of a guild or a community of a largenumber of people all wooden look towards the same goals or They are on the same side good or evil is used most often. But what makes These games so addictive is the whole fact of being comfortable to go here and there and It also being an interactive chat room. At the sametime you can Also- form groups or parties and fight monsters and other enemies.

However These games do the tend two take people away from real life, peoplethat Become so addictive two These types of games the tend To Lose track of real life. These people the tend to talk about the game two other people and how great it is two themselve when in truth not everyone Becomes addictive two just a simple MMORPG. Most it takes a very structured game two get comfy addicted, I Suffered personally from playing one of These games for 5 years. In regret That I got addicted to a game and wasted 5 years of my life due two it when i could of tense That time making money instead of spending it. I hope That people will not make any video game into Reviews their life.

However it still happens and since I stopped playing That Game I am no longer really interested in playing games all of the time. I use to play games all of the time but now I only play a few times a week. There really is no full cure from being addicted to a video game. But you can control what you play and what you Become addicted to by cutting down the hours That you play the game. Also When you feel the urge to play it and have otherthings you really need two do first its best two just go ahead and do Reviews those otherthings before you even start playing the game That way you get into the routine of doing things That you have two do before you play the video game, Also you should lower your play time. Instead of playing all day long and half of the night try two get your play time down to just 2-3 hours then before you know it you will only be playing an hour or two wooden fine. I hope this article Helps anyone who is addicted or knows someone who is addicted to a video game.


Source by Billy Layell

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