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When video games first overcame out rooms were simple joystick and button controls, displaying two dimensional graphics. Such games as Space Invaders and Pacman swept the world by storm making Reviews their first appearance in arcades then finally to the consumers very own home. To think video games made only 20 years ago required a machine the size of a coffee table to be comfortable to run themselve can now be Played on mobile phones. Such rapid development in technology is incredibly hard to predict for the future.

With further Development in console systems and personal computers video games now have a variety of platforms, from the high tech Sony PlayStation 3 Capable of running gamesthat Contain virtual worlds to the highly interactive Nintendo Wii with motion controls. However there is one platform That continues two get better over time, ratherthan becoming redundant. This is of course the continually upgrade comfortable personal computer (PC). Computers are continually becoming faster and more complex, allowing for better video and more in depth games.

But where are we now with current 3D video? 3D rendering is now comfortable to be done in minutes and seconds rather then days and weeks Thats it would have taken only a few years ago. A inventive Canadian company X3D Decided to try and Implement an old technology into new Reviews their games. This technology is 3D glasses. 3D glasses for Those Who have not heard about themselve are glasses with a red tint on one eye and blue tint on the other. This Allows different colored pictures to be seen by different eyes creating a 3D Affect like none else. With the Implementation of this technology X3D games are comfortable two literally come out of the screen. You can be flying a spaceship around terrain, fighting battle droids in an arena, or even playing the classical game of snake all right in front of your eyes. Such technology hasnt BEEN Implemented into any console system that this presented an hour. This is technology That has beenaround for years, being used in cinemas and Imac’s world wide. This makes us think what could the future hold for suchlike technology, and what other technology’s exist That Game developers can utilizas.


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