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Littlest Pet Shop Friends: You wonder why toy Catalogs are suddenly clogging your mailbox? You can not step into your local supermarket without stepping on a toy? Funny old men in red gown dressing invade the large windows? Wake up, we simply approach the Christmas period and the annual conspiracy trying two melt the contents of the pockets of parents is slowly taking place. Electronic Arts and Hasbro have once again taken advantage of this great feast two decline the Littlest Pet Shop universe into a video game.

Those Who do not encounter daily a young girl of seven years old were perhaps missed the phenomenon, but the Littlest Pet Shop Nintendo DS / Wii has alreadytakenusername caused some damage last winter. It was enough two stupidly shopping during the Christmas period two Attend apocalyptic scenes: imagine Motherwell in all respects be forced to tear eachothers hair madly two get Reviews their hands on the last giraffe stamped Littlest Pet Shop in the store … What is the secret of suchlike Popularity? It Seems simply result from critical alchemy between small animals with oversized eyes and an effective marketing campaign. The recipe has proven itself and the adaptations of the license in video games have apparently sold well last year Because Electronic Arts is now enjoying a sequel.

One example is worth a thousand words: one activity is simply two predict your futures. The principle is simple, we ask you two ask a question aloud and then shake the Wii remote two mimic rubbing a crystal ball and finally a message APPEARS in answering in the affirmative, the negative or by casting some doubts … Rarely has a game That takes at that point the young audience for a bunch of brainless. These various activities are perhaps a little more interest with two players but do not expect too much to have loads of fun. Once you’ve completed a mini-game, you get a little money buy two great accessories for your pets. Again, we can not help but noticing That the tiny managing this aspect in the first game here has completely disappeared. Finally you will under stand, this Littlest Pet Shop Friends is nothing more than a trap Designed to empty the pockets of parents and will soon dust once the new year.

Other cute games this holiday season girls and boys will adore:

  1. Created by Sony for PSP, the Invizimals: Hunt Animals with your PSP 3000 and camera
  2. New Super Mario Bros (Wii) – platform adventure with fishes, ghosts and fluffy clouds
  3. LEGO Rock Band (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) – cute music video game
  4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii, DS) – hedgehog video game
  5. Rabbids Go Home (DS, Wii) – a descendant of Rayman


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