Why Warcraft the Movie May Suck

Based on the popular series of MMORPG computer games, the film takes place within the original time line of the first game and in the Southern zones of the Eastern Kingdom.

The orcs are blood thirsty savages, hell bent on war as the means of expansion, while the human

World of Warcraft

population fights to maintain the kingdoms, villages, and trade of the area. The trailer leaves much to offer, only giving a glimpse of the film, but revealing enough to notify all of us that the plot line is thin at best.

The orcs are in fact two factions, the side which lives only for conquest and war, and the other, smaller faction; built to maintain a peaceful life and preserve the nature of living for their new orc baby.

Seeking the help of the human kingdoms in order to maintain this peace seems to be a major focal point for the orc rebel faction. The trailer even shows the heads of each orc party “duking” it out for control.

The film has a potential to make money, mainly do in part to the subject matter being based on a game series that’s encapsulated gamers for the last ten or more years. Furthermore, World of Warcraft is packed with action, but lacks the graphic appeal most would expect.

Containing human faced orcs and unclear blends of CGI and real life actors. It is just painfully obvious the movie was meant to release earlier and has been rushed to production to ride the World of Warcraft train prior to it stopping for good now that the fan base is declining.

World of Warcraft the film hits theaters on June 10, 2016. Tickets will go on early sales in May 2016. Until next time, KM Franck signing off!

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