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Finding the right dress for the Office Christmas Party is not easy. It’s got to be “appropriate”, in other words consistent with what the hierarchy thinks is suitable and frankly that’s not always very attractive. It’s a fine line to walk and one that I find is getting more and more difficult as I get older and find that my standards are not their standards. But here are some guidelines to help you choose a dress that you’ll be happy with and will pass muster.

So let’s start with the Nordstrom offerings and see if we can find something that is both appropriate but not too terribly dull. The Nordstrom people have always been my solution for dress quandaries of various kinds. When I’m scratching my head, the sales associates there always have the right suggestions and have given me great advice over the years. I tell them what I am looking for and what problems I may encounter and they come up with solutions. Those solutions may help you too.

This time they asked me what precisely this affair will entail. I described the format – cocktails, sit down dinner, speeches, dancing, late night buffet. They asked the approximate number of guests, my role and that of the Significant other and what kind of dresses I anticipated would be considered suitable at this particular function. Since I know everyone pretty well from the Managing Director’s Wife down, I was able to give them a overview of the whole thing. After a little more time looking over the offerings on display they asked me to have a seat while they chose a couple of things and had them modeled for me.

They were pretty cute in the selections because the two models they chose were girls I already knew well and who were dead ringers for me in height, build and coloring. To cut a long story short we selected this dress of two that I actually have fallen in love with. It’s a Rachel Pally ‘Fortuna’ Floor Length Dress in black Modal/spandex. It’s an ultrasoft, stretchy knit which shapes a floor-sweeping strapless dress designed with a meticulously ruched sweetheart neckline. It’s so classy yet very sexy. A perefect balance in fact! Just what the doctor, ordered. I think everyone will be happy especially the Significant Other! It was only $251 which is terribly reasonable, don’t you think?

Thank you Nordstrom Staffers – again! And I hope that they helped you too!


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