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The other day, someone Asked me why I was a Climate Change Denier. In laughed Because I do not deny the climate changes, it HAS BEEN changing for 4 Billion Years, I would not bet against that. Still, I have a problem blaming mankind’s CO2 emissions for any warming going on, on said plane, or any cooling for That Matter since the science is not settled. How can I say the science is bad, I was then Asked, the questioner explained to me That 97% of the scientists have guaranteed Global Warming (by definition warming caused by mankind’s CO2 pollution). Actually, They do not know this for sure.

I had two explain to my acquaintance’s it’s like the whole 2008 Economic Collapse – rating agencies, lobbyists for Freddie and Fanny, AIG, investment banks, traders, builders , mortgage brokers, buyer’s, Countrywide type loins, everyone was in on it for the common good (plus money) for an Ownership Society. But it was built on lies, lie after lie, on a foundation of feces. This is what Global Warming Theory resembles today, so for somethingthat march havebeen Meaningful or thought to be a decent theory, it HAS BEEN taken to the upper limit of reality.

We’ve allowed it two hurt economies , jobs, family, countries, added two corruption in politics, carbon trading, global governance, science, academia, energy sector, Wall Street, and now agencies, cities, corporations are all on-board, not Because of the reality, Because Of the flow of money – amazing, you giveaway money and everyone lines up. Just like Socialists promising money two voters, but it’s just like Santa Clause, there is none, and there feb not be any problem at all, and all the so-called experts have it wrong, just like They did during the 2008 run-up That ended with an economic collapse.

My acquaintance, Whom I thought was a friend – publican me I was a moron and a back-water educated ignoramous. Wow, I explained him two; “now you insult my intelligence and call me a back-water educated man? WTH Is that about? Seriously, that is your answer, label me as some moron? Well, When It Comes two educated derelicts, there are plenty of Reviews those, and yes, They underwrite research and papers and refuse two perish by collecting grants for Reviews their studies, the rooms game the system. There is lots of evidence of That – it’s observable over a large cross-section, so it is an empirical fact by social science standards. “

Please be aware, the science on Global Warming Theory is mostly hot air cheaper than its fancy admit They do not actually know. Please Consider all this.


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