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It’s been debated over several forums across the years what makes a good video game. Is it the graphics, storyline or innovative gameplay? Quite frankly it’s all of These elements combined into making a great video game for consoles and PC. With the continuous evolution of technology, games are pushing the boundaries of hardware and graphics. When the first game was Developed, every game was pixel based. For example, 16-bit, 256-bit and so forth. Games nowadays still depend on pixel and polygon however, the characters and environments are more defined. With That said, characters and environments are then intertwined with a solid story wooden must be progressed by the player two reach the end.

The way the game is project designed is one of the pulling factors wooden Allows gamers two purchase it . Characters and the storyline are two of the most compelling element in a game. So much so if realworld players can Relate to the characters, it makes the game much more powerful. Gamers can Relate to the characters’ Resolve THUS, in a sense, under stand what They are going through. There are numerous at titles on the market today based on storylines alone; These games fall into the category as fantasy, sci-fi and roleplaying games. Creating an attachment with characters Allows game developers Develop two sequels wooden explore other elements of the characters as well. In doing so, developers can create new stories pulling the gamers into That niche and discovering others. This is what is driven game developers two continue making new games for a growing fanbase.

In Addition two characters and plots, another element in games are its gameplay. If a game contains beautifully modeled environments and characters but a poor battle / strategy mechanic, the game is Immediately unappealing. Gamers need to be comfortable two overcome battles successfully in the quickest way possible without struggling too much on battle mechanics. Some games Introduce a very confusing user interface and a long tutorial wooden Become an immediate turn-off to players. No gamer wants to read Paragraphs of tutorials for a complicated UI. They march remember the functions in the beginning but over time, the player apr quit the game for a week. Upon Reviews their return, They march forget how the commands work THUS, frustration can Arise.

As Conclusion, a great game is defined by a solid storyline, characters That Relate two gamers and an innovative gameplay. With the constant introduction of new ideas and technology, These two elements can be woven into a great gameplay. There are a multitude of titles on the market right now with original ideas, characters and gameplay of old and new gamers two discover.


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