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Men have been accused of playing mind games and that can leave a woman fuming and frustrated but desirable of unraveling the mind of this man. Here are some reasons why men play these mind games.

They feel emotionally insecure
Some men play games with women because they are emotionally insecure. He is not sure about how he really feels and hence feels that it is better that he plays games rather than expose his emotional insecurity to the woman he is with.

They are not ready to show their vulnerable side yet
When a guy is not sure where his relationship is heading and is confused about revealing his real self he begins to play games with the woman he is with. He wants to see how well she actually understands him and once he is sure of the way she will react will he be able to reveal his vulnerable side and stop the games.

They try to build intrigue
By playing mind games men also try to build intrigue. In the same way that women use the hard to get strategy, men use the game ploy. By confusing the woman they get her thinking about them to a point she where gets desperate to unravel him.

This helps in building interest
Mind games also makes a man interesting. A lot of women don’t take interest in men who they can understand easily. A man who plays mind games with her begins to appear more intelligent than the others and thus holds her interest longer.

They just like to tease their woman
A lot of men play games with women because they just like to tease the woman they are with. They will blow hot and cold and totally confuse a woman about how they feel about her.

They want to project a macho impression
A lot of men want to project a macho alpha male impression. They do so by playing games with women. The more mind games they play, the more the women seem to want him. When a man is completely upfront with a woman she sometimes tends to get turned off. But an alpha male never gets turned down and by playing these mind games holds his woman’s interest.

He just wants to see how far he can take these games
Some men play mind games just for the fun of it. They like to see the woman’s reaction and see how far they can get away with by playing these games. These men generally are quite childish and do it all for a laugh.


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