X- Files will be here in January 2016!

The X-Files Will Return This January

Now you can believe again. Fox just announced at their annual upfront presentation that The X-Files will return for two nights next year on Sunday, X Files return date set for January 24th and the following Monday. The new six-episode series will mark the return of Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson.

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Cryptid Meredith Woerner
Let’s just hope that six episodes gives them time for at least three goofy done-in-ones between whatever kind of plot they’re heaping together from the byzantine series lore. I have nostalgic affection for the greys and bees and government cabals, but I’m really in this for the backwoods nonsense and Barnumesque Americana. That was always the best stuff.

In any case, it seems like an eternity until January, but that should give us all time to re-memorize the lyrics to “David Duchony, Why Won’t You Love Me?”

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